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      Many people associate tantric practice with casual sex but that is not what Tantra is all about. Contrary to the ascetic philosophies, the tantric way embraces our feminine and masculine inner qualities, the sounds of mantras, external beauty and joy as a venue to enlightenment. Since Tantra is a more expedient way to enlightenment, naturally it should be closer to our instant gratification seeking Western culture. However, as with most things Eastern we tend to misinterpret many of the Tantric venues, if the books are any indication to our current understanding. Tantric practice transmutes the energy of desire, realizing that the Universal and primordial divine energy is already within us. We just have to allow it to surface. That is not accomplished by thinking or learning but by letting go, allowing the sounds of mantra to liberate us from our physical imperfection and prison.

      All religion uses some forms of music or chanting to accomplish something similar to tantric chanting. We have the hymns in Christianity, canticles in the Kabala, dancing and music in the Sufi tradition, similarly the Buddhist and Hindu tantric practice uses mantras as the vehicle to liberation. I disagree with the traditional Buddhist way of finding a right Lama to finally accomplish this enlightenment. It is, in my opinion not practical nor very easy. I believe you can practice on your own with the purpose of making this planet a better place for all its inhabitants and not only for your selfish needs, then you will somehow find the way to accomplish this. However, if you are fortunate to have found the right Tantric teacher then by all means do what is natural and learn with his/her guidance.