Death is a Myth!

The world exists entirely in the past. Even its future is past. It is an empty storehouse with an open door holding all your shreds of memories and dreams. more…
It is your dream. Are not all dreams strange? Do any of them make any sense?
Realize you are the dreamer of these utterly ridiculous fabrications, these dumb scenarios…and you will awaken from the dream.
As you awaken, dream instead of healing and forgiveness. These
will show you that you are not insane and that you have never sinned.

“Man is born with a center, but he remains completely oblivious of it. Man can live without knowing his center, but man cannot be without a center. The center is the link between man and existence;
it is the root. You may not know it, knowledge is not essential for the center to be, but if you do not know it you will lead a life that is rootless – as if rootless. You will not feel any ground, you will not feel yourself based; you will not feel at home in the universe. You will be homeless.” Osho

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