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  • Non-dualism

    Posted on December 7th, 2015 admin No comments


    Q. What is the difference between relative and absolute reality?

    This has puzzled me ever since I embarked on my journey of self-exploration and metaphysics. Denying duality; the existence of good and evil, light and darkness is going against the self-evident. Our earthy existence is noting but polarity. But how real is this? Your question is pertaining to the age old dilemma;

    Are the demons and gods REAL or perhaps they are our mental projections in this fragmented “reality” where our mind is in the driver seat. Religion teaches us to deny the body. Ascetics are silly. It is not the body you must deny but your mind. The mind is the self. The ego. It is always looking outward and in need of something. Searching for the TRUTH! In this framework Karma and Reincarnation are also driven by our mind. All the teachings of religious doctrines are nothing but the projection of our mind. When I say “our”, I naturally refer to the collective sentient beings in this Universe and beyond. Duality is as “real” as Karma or Reincarnation. It is a projection of our consciousness. We cannot fathom non-duality as we cannot fathom infinity. Our mind is just not set up to deal with this. Thus we invent all this other stuff. Negative and Positive energies are like vortices – like attracts like.
    The answer is within you. All you need is to unlock the door. You do not need to be in any religious doctrine or faith.
    Does this mean you can do anything and get away with it? The answer is NO. All sentient beings are inherently divine and the collective hive of the higher selves of sentient beings makes sure that Cosmic “laws” would work forever.

    Q. Does this mean there is no god?

    God (the god particle) is within us and everything else. Collectively there is a god, the Oneness (Infinity).


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  • a little taste of Tantric Enlightenment

    Posted on July 24th, 2015 admin No comments

    Many people associate tantric practice with casual sex but that is not what Tantra is all about. Contrary to the ascetic philosophies, the tantric way embraces our feminine and masculine inner qualities, the sounds of mantras, external beauty and joy as a venue to enlightenment. Since Tantra is a more expedient way to enlightenment, naturally it should be closer to our instant gratification seeking Western culture. However, as with most things Eastern we tend to misinterpret many of the Tantric venues, if the books are any indication to our current understanding.
    Tantric practice transmutes the energy of desire, realizing that the Universal and primordial divine energy is already within us. We just have to allow it to surface. That is not accomplished by thinking or learning but by letting go, allowing the sounds of mantra to liberate us from our physical imperfection and prison.
    All religion uses some forms of music or chanting to accomplish something similar to tantric chanting. We have the hymns in Christianity, canticles in the Kabala, dancing and music in the Sufi tradition, similarly the Buddhist and Hindu tantric practice uses mantras as the vehicle to liberation.
    I will not write a comprehensive essay on Tantric chants but point the reader to certain, functional websites to further study. I disagree with the traditional Buddhist way of finding a right Lama to finally accomplish this enlightenment. It is, in my opinion not practical nor very easy. I believe you can practice on your own with the purpose of making this planet a better place for all its inhabitants and not only for your selfish needs, then you will somehow find the way to accomplish this. However, if you are fortunate to have found the right Tantric teacher then by all means do what is natural and learn with his/her guidance.

    The Magic of IHVH-ADNI is focused around a Hebrew kabalistic phrase which is spoken musically, almost in the manner of singing.


    (Ani – Yod Heh Vav Heh  Adonai – Ribbono Shel Olam – Amen)
    It is “canted”, so to speak, but in a magical way involving mental, astral and physical utterance. To this three-body speech is added the visualization of specific energy movements which occur in sync with the canticle. Rawn Clark is the person who first introduced this old kabalistic magical canticle online, and he graciously developed a course to properly learn to pronounce and sing it. His course can be found

    The Medicine Buddha Mantra
    Om Bekandze Bekandze
    Maha Bekandze
    Radza Samudgate Soha

    The mantra means:
    May the many sentient beings
    who are sick,
    quickly be freed from sickness.
    And may all the sicknesses of beings
    Never arise again.

    A good source of Buddhist mantras is the

    And finally the Manjushri Mantra; ”

    Om Ah Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih

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